Planning Appeals

Where an application has been refused or where an enforcement notice has been served, Atticus Planning can prepare and submit a planning appeal on your behalf.

Our team of Planning Appeals Specialists can assist in the following types of appeals:

  • Planning appeals
  • Householder appeals
  • Enforcement appeals
  • Listed building appeals
  • Lawful development certificate appeals

Planning appeals include where permission has been refused, where the local planning authority has failed to make a decision (non-determination) or where prior approval has been refused.

Planning appeals can be determined by way of written representations, informal hearings or public inquiries. Sometimes it is appropriate to include third-party specialist input as part of the appeal. In some cases, there may be a need to involve a planning barrister; we are experienced in having consultations with Counsel and working alongside planning barristers throughout the appeal process. We can advise on the level of third-party input required for your appeal.

In some cases, it may be that appealing a planning decision is not the best route for you, and instead, it may be more appropriate to resubmit your application with an amended scheme.

Our Planning Appeals Specialists can review your decision notice and advise on the best planning strategy to increase your chances of securing planning permission.

Atticus Planning

Why choose Atticus as your planning appeal Consultant?

Atticus Planning is a friendly and progressive town planning consultancy with a proven record of securing results.

Whether you’re just looking for some initial planning appeal consultancy or need a planning specialist for your project right away, we’re here to help.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the chances of winning a planning appeal with one of your specialist Planning Appeal Consultants?

    For 2021/22, the total number of written representation appeals (the most common form of appeal procedure) allowed was 28%. Atticus Planning can advise on the prospects of success, following which you can decide whether or not to progress with the appeal.

    How long does a planning appeal take to determine?

    Currently, written representation appeals take between 6-12 months to determine. Householder appeals usually take slightly less.

    Can a planning appeal be withdrawn?

    Yes, it can.

    How much does a Planning Appeal cost?

    There is no fee payable to the Planning Inspectorate to appeal a planning decision, though there will be fees for any third-party consultants working on the case.

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