Pre-application Advice and Community Consultation

As a precursor to submitting a formal planning application, we can assist you in obtaining pre-application advice from the local planning authority.

Engaging with a local planning authority at an early stage can often prove beneficial, as you submit a planning application knowing the key issues. It can also help achieve a timely planning decision from your local authority.

Applying for pre-application advice where the planning merits of a particular development are uncertain can also help save on the project’s overall cost in the long run. For example, if the pre-application advice is negative and we, too feel that the prospects of achieving planning permission for the proposal are low, you would have avoided the costs (and time) involved with preparing a planning application.

In addition to seeking formal pre-application advice from a local planning authority, it may also be appropriate to engage with local stakeholders before submitting a planning application, such as with city, town or parish councils, local ward councillors and the local community. We can advise on the level of engagement we think is appropriate to your proposal and then attend meetings with key stakeholders.

Community consultation can also form part of a strategic development strategy; we can organise and attend public exhibitions where appropriate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a pre-application discussion?

    Pre-application engagement is a collaborative process between landowners, prospective purchasers or developers and local planning authorities, through which advice is sought from officers on the acceptability of a particular scheme before progressing with a formal planning application.

    Do I need pre-application planning advice?

    Obtaining pre-application advice is not compulsory but is advisable as it can result in the resolution of complex issues before the submission of a planning application. It is also usually strongly encouraged by local planning authorities.

    Is the advice binding?

    No. Advice is given based on the officer's opinion at the time and without prejudice.

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