Planning enforcement

Where works have been carried out without permission, or are in breach of a specific planning control, Atticus Planning can help assist with planning enforcement matters and provide planning advice on appropriate solutions to avoid further action being taken against you.

If a breach of planning control has been proven to exist, as a precursor to taking formal enforcement action, the local planning authority may invite you to submit a planning application which seeks the Council’s retrospective consent for the unauthorised works or use. Our planning consultancy can help prepare, submit and manage this application on your behalf, and in a timely manner.

Atticus Planning can also assist where a contravention notice has been issued by the local planning authority and where a formal enforcement notice has been made. There is a right to appeal against an enforcement notice and our consultancy can deal with the enforcement appeal on your behalf to save you time and effort.

Enforcement matters can be complex, difficult to understand and overwhelming; our consultancy can help navigate the process, making it easy to understand and as smooth as possible for you.

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Atticus Planning is a friendly and progressive town planning consultancy with a proven track record in securing results.

Whether you’re just looking for some initial advice, or need a planning enforcement officer for your project right away, we’re here to help.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is planning enforcement?

    Planning enforcement is where the Council investigates complaints about work that might not have planning permission.

    What happens when an enforcement notice is served?

    You must comply with the steps set out in the Enforcement Notice to remedy the breach of planning permission, or you can appeal it.

    Can I ignore a enforcement notice?

    It is an offence not to comply with an enforcement notice once the period for compliance has elapsed, and there is no outstanding appeal. A person guilty of a violation is liable on conviction to an unlimited fine.

    Is there a time limit on enforcement?

    There are time limits for taking enforcement action: four years after completion for the erection of buildings and change of use to residential use and. ten years for most changes of use of land or buildings and breach of condition.

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