Strategic land promotion

At Atticus Planning, our specialist planning services include strategic land promotion; we can promote the allocation of sites through the local development plan process for a range of uses, including residential, commercial or industrial. This process is often a medium to long-term exercise and as well as written development plan representations, it can require our attendance at local plan examination hearings and involvement with community consultation events.

Land Promotion, either in an urban or rural location, can be done to future-proof the development potential of a particular site in the long term or can be done as a precursor to securing planning permission for a specific development.

Securing the allocation of a site, either as part of a local plan or neighbourhood development plan, can mean significant financial returns through an increase in land value and is therefore often a worthwhile exercise.

Strategic land promotion is sometimes seen as a complex and lengthy aspect of the town planning system but through experience and offering clear advice to our clients, the team at Atticus Planning will aim to make it as straightforward as possible for you.

We can also make development plan representations on behalf of landowners, developers or private individuals, objecting to proposed allocations within an emerging development plan document.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is strategic land promotion?

    Land promotion, or strategic land promotion, identifies parcels of land considered suitable for development and promotes them for allocation in a local development plan.

    How does land promotion work?

    Promoting land through the development plan process can take a long time and is complex. It requires formal, written representations to the local planning authority and negotiations with public and private bodies, land owners and consultants.

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