Barn conversion planning

The two most common routes to achieving consent for a barn conversion are as follows: through a full planning application which includes the change of use and any physical extensions or alterations, or through using permitted development rights laid out by Class Q of The Town and Country Planning Order. Class Q barn conversions are far more restrictive in nature and must adhere to certain conditions and limitations set out in the regulations. We can provide planning advice on the most appropriate type of application for your barn conversion.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to apply for a barn conversion via Class Q and then use the consent as a stepping stone to achieving full planning permission for either a slightly different conversion scheme or for new build dwelling. Atticus Planning can provide the best development strategy to suit your individual needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does a barn conversion need planning permission?

    Some barns can be converted using Class Q permitted development rights and, therefore, without the need for full planning permission. However, you still need to apply to your local planning authority to check whether approval will be required concerning transport and highway impacts, noise impacts, contamination risks and flooding risks (a prior approval application). Where Class Q rights do not apply to your building or the works proposed to go beyond the scope of Class Q, then full planning permission will be required. Other consents may also be needed; for example, if the barn is listed, then listed building consent will also be necessary.

    Do you need planning permission to convert stables?

    If you want to convert a stable building into residential use, then yes, full planning permission will be required.